Brian Andreas

Illustrator, Author, Design Thinker

Brian Andreas
Brian Andreas is a writer, painter, sculptor and publisher, and creator of the StoryPeople, mixed media objects initially made from salvaged wood from old homesteads. Andreas’s StoryPeople now “live” in an array of works, from saturated color prints and greeting cards with lyrical drawings and short stories, to nine StoryPeople books. "I like art that admits to being a part of life,” the artist says. “I take moments with family and friends and weave them into stories filled with laughter and music and lunacy.” Andreas’ toys and figures ignite the imagination and invite people of all ages to explore the fabulously creative world where story opens the door to possibility.
Members in organization 1
Founded in 1994
Specialities Stuffed characters, Natural fibers, Artist , Illustrator , Painter, Writer

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