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Shibori Swirl Scarf


Artisan, Eco-Friendly, Designer Shibori Swirl Scarf
Product details Beautiful circles punctuate this deep indigo blue scarf. Luxurious silk achieves understated elegance with traditional shibori technique. 19"W x 63"L
Dimensions 12.0"W x 12.0"H
Materials silk
education provided for all artisan's chidren, economic stability, traditional weaving techniques are maintained, in some cases childcare, co-housing allowances, and women's literacy classes are provided,

Lulan Artisans (Cambodia)

Like the warp and weft on a loom, Lulan represents the intersection of two threads, two passions: a love and respect for design and weaving traditions of Southeast Asia, and the desire to create thriving businesses for weavers and their communities. Eve Blossom, trained as an architect/designer, founded Lulan as a unique for-profit social venture, a creative collaboration between contemporary American textile designers and gifted Asian artisans. Honoring the exquisite talents of these master weavers, Lulan brings you authentic craftsmanship rendered in gorgeous contemporary designs. Our all-natural hand-woven fabrics, including silks, organic cotton and linen, are unique works of art. Each piece is hand-dyed and expertly woven using low-impact, artisan-quality materials. Each piece holds a story of a people, a past and a more promising future for the weavers. Lulan’s business model has evolved to embrace "sustainability" in a dynamic and profound sense of the word. Our years of in-depth work with Lulan's weaving partners in developing countries has led us to understand that true sustainability has four critical components-economic, cultural, environmental and social. As a progressive and innovative for-profit social venture, Lulan addresses all four of these aspects.

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