Tara Projects

repurposed glass jewelry

Tara Projects
Unlike the Tara of Gone with the Wind fame, this artisan coop from India is not a symbol of a fading past, but a sign of a promising future—a future of prosperity and opportunity for their home-based artisans and craftsman. Since its founding in the early seventies, Tara (Trade Alternative Reform Action) Projects has offered one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry and accessories while remaining true to its mission to practice fairness in production and trading activities for the development and benefit of grassroots, marginalized sections of Indian society. While Tara’s products and designs augment and reflect human beauty, its advocacy work transforms human communities, fighting against poverty, exploitation, social injustice and illiteracy. “Make Trade Fair” has always been a principle goal for ushering into social and economic transformation at Tara.
Location India
Members in organization 15
Founded in 1966
Specialities Beads, Glass, Jewelry, Natural dyes, Natural silk

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