Mahsa Vanaki Studio

Lasercut accessories

Mahsa Vanaki Studio
Digital technology meets tangible, handcrafted design with Mahsa Vanaki's innovative mash-up of digital fabrication, architecture and fashion. Mahsa Vanaki is a trained architect who studied in her native Iran as well as in the United States, and her designs represent Vanaki’s curiosity and desire to transform digital forms into physical objects, such as handbags, lighting, and architectural installations. Her tools are simple: a lasercutter and her laser-sharp curiosity and eye for design; and the end result is decidedly modern – a structural aesthetic with a sophisticated style. Vanaki combines her love of texture and textiles, including wool felt and recycled scrap leather, her interest in complex forms and her willingness to experiment and explore. Each piece feels like a new discovery and a unique piece of functional art.
Location United States
Members in organization 2
Founded in 2012
Specialities Laser cutting, Felt, Handbags, Iphone cases, Natural fibers, Upcycled textiles, Handbags, Sewing

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