Kissen Studio

Silk and linen home decor

Kissen Studio
Kissen Studio is driven by a passion for natural fabrics and all things fun, bright and useful. Founded in 2012 by Chicago-based artisan, Emily Moser, Kissen’s unique line of colorful housewares, hand-bound books and fun cotton jewelry aims to enliven people’s homes and lives. Kissen chooses materials and processes with low-impact on the earth and high impact on spunk and design. From decorative hand-sewn and pleated pillows to linen-stitched books, each Kissen product is custom made with emphasis on enjoyment and artistry.
Location United States
Members in organization 1
Founded in 2012
Specialities Sewing, Natural fibers, Pillows , Iphone cases, Pouches, Place mats, Table runners, Ipad cases, Linen, Napkins, Silk

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