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Founded in 2006 by Jung-Min Han, the Goel artisan community in Cambodia’s Takeo Province is reviving the traditional handicraft heritage that was nearly decimated by the country’s prolonged and tragic civil war. The Goel Collection of clothing, scarves, gifts and toys celebrate exceptional skill and artisanship and highlight the unique beauty of naturally dyed cotton and silk by using dyeing techniques that Han spent months perfecting. What began as a small collective of seven weaving families now encompasses some 150 weaving groups across Cambodia. As Goel’s reach and impact broadens, these ancient weaving and dyeing traditions gain new life through an inspired range of creative products.
Location Cambodia
Members in organization 175
Founded in 2006
Specialities Weaving, Natural dyes, Stuffed characters, Embroidery, Sewing, Natural fibers, Hand dying, Hand spun

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