Sustainable Digital Map Prints

Cartografika puts splashy graphic design on the map. With backgrounds in urban planning and design, Cartografika’s creative principals, Adam Jentleson and Jose Alarcon, transform digital mapping with intelligent, thought-provoking designs that portray the urban landscape in bold new ways. By integrating various geographic data sources from around the globe, Cartografika’s images capture the elegant confluence of urban cartography and meld it with modern graphic design, in essence reclaiming the ancient art of map-making and revving it up with vivid color schemes. A small Chicago-based design firm, Cartografika works with local printers using sustainable eco-friendly printing practices, and offers customizable prints for specific geographic locales.
Location United States
Members in organization 2
Founded in 2012
Specialities Digital printing, Soy ink, Graphic design , Recycled paper

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