Beadwork By Amanda

Handmade Computer Circuit Board Jewelry

Beadwork By Amanda
From her upstate New York home studio, Amanda Preske takes the detritus of our electronic age and transforms it into wearable art. Unfortunately, our techno-centric culture’s appetite for the latest and greatest gadgetry means that more than 300 million units of circuit boards end up being discarded every year. But for Amanda, that just means plenty of raw material. She repurposes electronic trash and fashions handmade recycled jewelry and stylishly high-tech accessories – pieces that illumine the inherent artistry of electronic patterns and pathways. By giving the obsolete new life, she short circuits the impact on landfills and reminds people of the hidden beauty of modern technology.
Location United States
Members in organization 1
Founded in 2006
Specialities Jewelry, Recycled circuit boards

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