Ayni Bolivia

Handmade alpaca accessories

Ayni Bolivia
Ayni Bolivia celebrates the handiwork of indigenous Bolivian artisans through a fair trade organization of 160 artisans . Based on the philosophy of Ayni, a pre-colonial system of the Aymara and Quechuan people, Ayni Bolivia not only offers beautiful locally-produced native crafts, it empowers women to become skilled wage earners which in turn allows them to remain in their rural communities without succumbing to the trap of urban poverty. In addition to broadening access to markets, Ayni Bolivia helps artisans hone small business skills to further promote the traditional weaving techniques and artisanship of this rich culture.
Location Bolivia
Members in organization 160
Founded in 2006
Specialities Felt, Ipad cases, Iphone cases, Scarves, Alpaca wool, Knitting

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