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about we've

WE'VE is a global online collective of hand-selected, skilled artisans and their expertly
designed accessories and home goods. WE'VE products are sustainably produced, and
result in limited edition, handcrafted products. Founded by social entrepreneur Eve
Blossom, WE'VE reimagines the relationship between buyers, artisans and designers to
transform the way we shop.



WE'VE works with all kinds of innovative designers-whether world-renown or trailblazing newcomers-to bring original, sophisticated designs to market.



Then, WE'VE brings the designer and artisan groups together from all over the globe. From Cambodia and India to the United States, the carefully chosen specialists are highly skilled in their field, and produce gorgeous, handcrafted final products.



A gift from WE'VE is produced just for you. Consciously crafted WE'VE items promote job stability, strengthen communities and ultimately change lives.


The Result

WE'VE provides a direct connection between buyers and the real people behind their products. Together, WE'VE built a new way to globally shop.



Crafting with Love

The carefully chosen, highly skilled specialists that are part of WE'VE's artisan network embody our philosophy of design that is both beautiful and life-altering. While some use centuries-old skills and others are developing radical new techniques, all we've artisans are chosen for their considerable skill. Focused on long-term growth and true mutual partnership, WE'VE collaborations are sustainable, and result in one-of-a-kind, exclusive products.



Dreaming with Style

The we've designers lend true vision to WE'VE's artisanally produced products. Whether world-renown or trailblazing newcomers, we've designers translate their inspiration into reality. This collaborative process enriches the skills of both the designer and the artisans, ultimately bringing elegantly designed and thoughtfully produced items to our customers. They embody the artistic aspirations of WE'VE and empower we've's global community of artisans.



Leading with Character

WE'VE is the brainchild of trained architect, designer and social change entrepreneur Eve Blossom. In 2004, she founded Lulan, a unique for-profit social venture, the success of which naturally progressed to the creation of WE'VE. She is a guest author at The Huffington Post , a Ted Talks featured speaker, a Liberty Fellow for The Aspen Global Leadership Network and author of Material Change: Design Thinking and the Social Entrepreneurship Movement.

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